by r∆chel

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recorded in the basement of neuhau5

RIP Deadhau5


released February 3, 2013



all rights reserved


r∆chel Nashville, Tennessee

r∆chel was an art project.

robbie plackemeier
& cody stanaszek

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Track Name: Well I can Try
yeah the feeling that you kept
mean so just to me
like we were dancing in a movie screen

well read between the lines
make up your mind
cause im no the one to keep guessing

yeah i see right through
me and you
but we don't share the patterns of a happy life

you worry and doubt
yeah i fear it about
several times a day yeah i cant get it out of my brain

well draw the sketches
and mark the lines
if we don't make it out then i guess were all gonna die

you laugh it off on the other line

but were still sittin here listen waiting for you conscious to decide
if im worth anything you need
yeah i cant cure the things that are wrong with you and me
but i can try
oh i can try
what else am i gonna do in this pointless life
behind, yeah ill leave you behind
i know thats what you wanted and i always wanted to fin the truth in you

cause i know its hiding away
in a memory boarded somewhere deep inside your brain
but i can come out of it all
yeah im free to live and fall
cause i don't care the worries that come to me
in a dream
yeah in a dream
boken glass stained windows always caused a scene
in a dream
yeah in a dream
you promised to come back with me